New Lae Street Rock Wall

The 2012 Board would like to establish a policy of requesting feedback from owners when we are about to spend Association monies. So we have provided this Blog as a way for owners to express their views, pro or con. Please feel free to speak up. We want to hear from you!

The first block of Lae St has a big impact on the “curb appeal” of Kuau Bayview, and therefore our property values, so we feel it is worth investing some time, energy, and money into doing it right once and for all. We are hoping the rest of the owners feel the same. Over the years the Association has spent tens of thousands of dollars on landscapers who have consistently failed to maintain this block to the point that it had become an unmanageable eyesore. Volunteers are currently cleaning up the overgrowth. The traffic signs have already been liberated. Maui County even gave us a new sign. County workers have been unable to properly trim the trees due to so much matted Bougainvillea entwined in the branches. The trees are now clear.

With owner approval, we plan to build a 3 foot rock retaining wall running 200 feet from Lot 30 to join the rock wall at Hana Hwy. The wall will cost $10,000 which translates to $16.67 per cubic foot. The going price for rock walls is $30 per cubic foot so this is an amazing deal. It will be paid for with the money saved by not paying landscapers. The goal is to landscape the area with plants that will not require ongoing maintenance, will not climb the trees, and will require minimal water. Going forward the Association will save approximately $8,400 per year.

We plan (possibly) to plant Gold Dust CrotonsGold Dust Crotons and red Ti plants along the top of the rock wall with hearts and flowers for ground cover. We are open to suggestions anyone may have. We definitely want something without thorns that will provide privacy for the owners behind and beautify the view from the street. Here are some photos of Stan’s wall to give you some idea what it will look like. Check out some of the other landscaping links for images of the cleanup.

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Owner Comments or Suggestions

We would like to invite owners to contribute their ideas about ways to improve Kuau Bayview. We are open to suggestions. If you would like to present a topic for discussion in the neighborhood, this is where to do it. We can even conduct polls. Don’t be shy!

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